Community Partnership (CPS) User Agreement

With regards to the Community Partnership System (CPS), all users for this agency hereby agree to only use the CPS database for the following duties, hereby known as “official duties”

·         Enter and keep current the agency profile information in accordance with other agreements

·         Enter and keep current the information regarding the agency that is being represented in CPS

·         Enter and keep current information for the physical location at which this agency provide services

·         Enter and maintain data regarding individual participants and students, including Student Identification Numbers, rosters, attendance, and other relevant and necessary data in accordance with other agreements

·         Maintain data security and confidentiality (as outlined below) and take all necessary steps to preserve confidentiality

·         Engage in ongoing learning and continuous improvement efforts with partner organizations using the CPS database


Any data that pertains to a specific individual shall be deemed as “individual user data” and shall not be shared outside the scope of your organization’s existing CPS-related data-sharing agreements without explicit permission from The Civic Canopy.


I recognize that any unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure of confidential information is a crime under state and federal laws. The penalties for unauthorized access use, modification or disclosure of confidential information may include any of the following:

·         Loss of privileges in regard to use of the database, and

·         Civil action

·         Criminal action


This agency agrees to protect confidential information by:

·         Accessing or modifying information only for the purpose of performing official duties

·         Never accessing data for curiosity or personal reasons

·         Never showing or discussing confidential information with anyone who does not have a need to know and is covered by the CPS-related data-sharing agreements in place between participating organizations

·         Placing confidential information only in approved locations

·         Never removing/downloading confidential information from the workstation without authorization

·         All data must be shared through the CPS system, and data shared through any other form, such as oral or written communication, shall be considered in breach of this contract and will be subject to the penalties discussed above.


This agency understands that the information provided will be used for purposes of data aggregation, analysis, and reporting as part of broader CPS partnerships and initiatives.


Each user for the agency understands that their LOGIN ID and PASSWORD are issued to each individual personally and are not to be shared with or used by anyone else.